Before using Skedi, you will need a Skedi account. However, only one person from your family (referred to as the "subscriber") will need to sign up at our website. Your other family members will receive an email invitation to join your Skedi family network.

Subscriber sign up

The subscriber will administer the family's Skedi network. Subscribers can sign up for a Skedi account at one of these locations. All other family members will click a special link in an invitation we automatically send when the subscriber has completed the registration process or added them in the app.
IMPORTANT: Skedi is designed for only one subscriber per family. If you have multiple subscribers in your family, you'll be unable to see their events. You may also encounter errors using the product.
  • If you think you have multiple subscribers in your family, please contact us at as soon as possible and we'll help you fix the problem.
  • If you think someone else in your family has already registered (or subscribed), please check your email for a message with the subject line: "Please join Skedi - a new family calendar service." If you can't find it or you're unsure, please contact us.

Family member sign up

Whenever a subscriber adds a family member, we automatically send them an email invitation to join the subscriber's Skedi Family Network. The invitation contains a unique link to join your network and setup their account.

IMPORTANT: If a family member fails to setup their account, he or she will be unable to login into Skedi on their iOS device. Moreover, without access to Skedi, they'll be unable to accept invitations or assignments, so, these events will not appear in their calendar.

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