Before using Skedi, subscribers need to signup and invite family members to their family. Once you have a Skedi account, you can login into the app on your iOS device (i.e., iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch).

IMPORTANT: If a family member fails to setup their account, he or she will be unable to login into Skedi on their iOS device. Moreover, without access to Skedi, they'll be unable to accept invitations or assignments, so, these events will not appear in their calendar.

Default calendar (premium version only)

When you signup for a Skedi account, we ask you to select a default calendar. Then, whenever you create an event in Skedi, we'll add it to your default calendar too. Therefore, you'll be able to view your Skedi events in your default calendar outside of the app. To check your default calendar setting, tap Settings > Calendars.

NOTE: Only events that you organize or accept will be published to your default calendar.

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