Responding to Invitations

Basic Version

When an event organizer invites a family member, we automatically send an invitation via email. The email contains two buttons to accept or decline the invitation.

Note: Some email clients may not show the buttons until image display is enabled. However, the invitation is viewable as plain text and can respond by clicking a hyperlink.

Premium Version

An invitee receives a realtime push notification on their device and an email message. A little program, we affectionately call Itty-Bitty Skedi, will send you an email notification whenever a family member sends you a new invitation, assignment, or cancellation.

Responding to a new invitation: Tap Inbox > Invitations, tap the new invitation, and respond by tapping Accept or Decline. If you accept the event, it will be added to your calendar.

Responding to a new assignment: Tap Inbox > Delegations, tap the new assignment, and respond.

Viewing a new cancellation: Tap Inbox > Cancellations and tap the new cancellation. All cancelled events are automatically removed from your calendar.

Note: You may receive an email notification before it's available in the app. Itty-Bitty Skedi is too fast for us.

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